www.gmail.com Login & Sign Up Tutorial: Simple Steps

We all going digital these days. Digitalization has changed our life in each area, whether it’s something about official, tax related, education, or online shopping. The most important thing we need for all these is an email id. Without an email id we cannot use any of these facilities. Specially, if you are using smartphone, you should have gmail id. With gmail id you can access google play and other services of Google. Here we are giving you gmail Sign up and sign in guide.

www.gmail.com Login & Sign Up Tutorial: Simple Steps

Gmail SIgn up
Gmail SIgn up

Gmail.com Sign Up

If you don’t have any gmail account yet, we will guide you how you can make one for you. Signing up gmail account is very easy just follow these steps-

1- To create a gmail account, you should have internet connectivity and browser.

2- Open your browser, type www.gmail.com in address bar of your browser.

3- In gmail’s homepage, you will find a sign up option. Click it. You will be redirected to a page with a form to create account.

4- Fill all the details required, the first option is of namr, where you have to fill first name and last name.

5- You will find username option, fill it with appropriate username you would use in future. Choosing a right username is important. Username is something which cannot be in already use by som2 other person. Hence, choose it carefully and check its availability with the given check option there.

6- Now here comes the turn of password. The most important thing is to keep it secret and remember it all time. Your password should be strong enough. It is recommended that your password should have a mixture of alphabets, characters and symbols. As it will be difficult to hack by someone.


7- In the next step confirm your password. Enter it once more in this field to ensure that you have typed correct spelling.


8- Next option is of birth date. Enter your date of birth as gmail wants to ensure your age is more than 13 years. Google won’t allow you to create account if you are younger than 13 years.


9- Next one is for Gender. Fill this one whichever applies.

10- In mobile number column, you can fill your number. This option is optional but it is recommended to enter your mobile number. It can help you in future as you can create new password with the help of it also you can verify your account with mobile number.

11- In  current Email id column, you can fill your previous email id if you own any. If this is your first time, you can leave it blank.

12- The next option you will get in this form is skip this verification, If you want to skip captcha verification, you can tick this one. But, as you will skip this one, google will ask you to verify your account through mobile number by sending you code on your number.

13- If you haven’t clicked the above mentioned skip option, you have to enter captcha code. Captcha code is nothing but random letters and numbers that you will see in the image given. You can switch the image if it is not clear to you by clicking the rounded arrow. Also it has a option of listening the code, you can opt for that. Entering the code will verify that you are not bot.

14- Now, click I agree terms and conditions option.

15- This will create your account and redirect you to personal account setup.

16- After setting up the account, click next it will take you the gmail page, where you can send or receive mails.

17- After following all these steps choose a security question for your gmail account which you can get in account settings option. A security question will help you to remember your password in case u forget it. Also, it will secure your account from unauthorized access.

Gmail.com Login

The Next question that will come in your mind is how you can sign into your gmail account. Well, that’s too easy. We will here give you details about signing in your gmail account.


1- Open your browser, and type www. gmail.com in the address bar of that browser. You will get the official homepage.

2- At gmail’s homepage, You will get a Sign in Option. Click it and it will redirect you to login page.

3- At sign in page you will find twice blank fields.

4- The first field is for username, here you have to enter your chosen username or you can also fill the full email id.

5- The second field is for password. Fill it with the password you had chosen already at the time of creating the gmail account.

6- After entering both fields, click the login button. It will open your gmail account, where you can access your mails.

Signing up and signing in you gmail account is not at all a difficult task. Follow all the above mentioned steps and you can use your gmail account easily.


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