Remove Gmail Account On Android Devices

Initially, webmail used to be the only way of communication through which people connect around different corners of the world. With technological innovation, many platforms are developed for establishing communication, though, webmail still is the ideal way of establishing formal communication.

Among many webmail services, Gmail is the top webmail by Google, which is immensely popular among internet users. Having an email account is the most basic thing for every individual as most of the communications are established through email. Well, Gmail is the most-used webmail of the era due to its advanced features and flexibility.

Gmail is becoming an essential part of every smart device nowadays, as people smart devices are an integral part of life. Though different people access webmail for various reasons, it can carry out the functions efficiently through its advanced features. The webmail by Google has various features to provide a better user experience for its millions of users around the globe. Google is enhancing the features every year for the users and offers a greater browsing experience.

Calendar integration of Gmail

Google has recently launched the calendar integration feature in Gmail through which your phone calendar will be merged with your email. So, you will not forget any important dates; your phone will remind you of the dates timely. People often forget dates like birthdays, anniversaries, etc.; by this feature, things will be easy for individuals.

Email segmentation

As Google has enhanced the storage space of Gmail, you do not have to delete your emails from the inbox. But many emails can be confusing for the users to differentiate the important ones. So, Google has come up with the new feature of email segmentation by which, the emails in the inbox are segmented as primary, important, social, and ad. Your social media notifications are stored in social, and ads are segmented in the advertisement. You can go through your important emails in the primary section.

Increased storage space

Since Google has enhanced the storage space of the emails; you do not have to delete your mails frequently from the inbox. Additionally, social networking is also possible through your Gmail with Google+. You can connect with people professionally and personally through your Google+ account.

Due to these modern features of Gmail, it is the most popular webmail in the world of the web. Almost everyone has a Gmail account for their personal and professional use. Google has an elaborated guideline for the internet users who want to create their accounts on Gmail, also have the help center for fixing various issues in the Gmail account. As most of the users are accessing their mail through their smartphones, you should know how to add an account on your android phone.

Remove Gmail Account in Android Devices

Remove Gmail Account on Android
Remove Gmail Account on Android

By adding your Gmail account to the phone, you can access all the apps which are associated with your email on the go.

  • Open the settings of your phone.
  • Tap on accounts or users and accounts.
  • You will see an option at the bottom, add an account.
  • Then tap on the type of account you add.
  • To add your Google account, click on Google.
  • Your email, contacts, calendar, event, etc. will be synchronised with your android phone by adding the Google account.
  • Then follow the instructions on your phone.
  • You need to enter your phone’s security pattern or password when adding the account.

It is the common android instruction for adding an account on the phone, but the options may vary in different phones. Also, the setting for adding an account on iPhone differs from android.

How to remove the account from android?

After adding your account on your android phone, you may need to remove your Gmail account from the phone due to some technical issue or while you are giving the phone at the service center. Due to the safety of your privacy, you have to remove the account from your phone. Well, the steps are motioned below:

  • Open the settings of your phone.
  • Tap on the accounts or users and accounts.
  • Tap on the existed account you want to remove from the phone.
  • Then click on remove account.
  • If you have linked this account only on Google, you have to enter the security password of the phone.
  • You have successfully removed your Gmail account from the phone.

As your phone data, contacts, and everything is synchronised with the email account when you add an account; you have to remove your account from the phone when you want to stop synchronization. You also have the option to stop synchronizing when you want the setting for a specific application.

However, you can add and remove the account from your android device by following these simple steps instantly. Since Gmail is the most-used webmail in the world; it has helped the center for its users to fix various issues with the email account.

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